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Life Skills Manor School provides full time education for boys and girls diagnosed with Autism. At full capacity the school will be a Secondary (10-18 years old) provision.

Pupils attending the school are referred via KCC and every effort is made to ensure that the child is appropriately placed and that the provision offered by the school matches the needs of the child.


To summarise, in all cases pupils will be considered for admission if:

  • They have a current Education and Health Care Plan, or if EHCP planning is agreed with the Local Authority. In some cases, pupils we be considered without an EHCP; these pupils will be supported in obtaining an EHCP where/if appropriate.
  • Have a primary diagnosis of Autism or are the pathway assessment for a diagnosis of Autism.
  • Funding for the placement has been formally agreed with the Local Authority.
  • The special needs of the pupil are such as can be met in the terms of registration of the school.
  • The provision is such as can be met by the school in terms of its registration.
  • All up-to-date information concerning the pupil, including the most recent reviews, Provision Plans and reports etc., will be provided by the funding agency.
  • Placing Authorities and their social workers formally accept the School Policies as presented at application for admission.
  • Pupils and Carers agree to comply with School Rules and the learning and behavioural expectations of the school and placing authorities, home and where applicable, parents agree to support the school in this adherence.
  • The child/young person's admission will not significantly disrupt the education or jeopardise the safety of the other children/young people in the school.
  • There is a place available in the appropriate class/year group.

Proposed Admissions Criteria

  • The academic and social needs of the child must be able to be met by the school.
  • The child or young person must be capable of working in a class of up to a maximum of ten pupils.
  • The cultural, physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the child or young person must be able to be met by the staff group at Life Skills Manor School.
  • All children and young people admitted must have clearly stated that they will aim to try to conform to the standards of behaviour set out in the School’s Code of Conduct.
  • Parents and/or carers will be asked to agree to a working partnership that will be open and honest throughout their child’s stay at Life Skills Manor School and sign a home school agreement.

Admissions Flowchart

Our School encourages parents, carers and professionals to contact the school to find out more about the provision on offer. We host regular visits and group meetings for this purpose. Please contact the school via our website to find out the next dates. You can also register your interest by filling in our online expression of interest form.

Flow Chart