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Clinical Therapy Services
Clinical Therapy Services
Clinical Therapy Services
Clinical Therapy Services

Life Skills Manor school have an onsite clinical team who provide care and therapy services to support the physical, emotional and social needs of our children and young people. When a referral to the clinical team is made, each professional will provide a screen/assessment to determine the provision required to support the pupils needs.

Our clinical team includes:

Clinical Lead

The clinical lead is responsible for the overall therapeutic provision and running of the service within the therapy team. The clinical lead will carry out a developmental history meeting with parents when their child first starts the school to further understand and assess their needs as part of the initial offer.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapy supports pupils with the development of independence in activities of daily living, with a focus on fine and gross motor development and sensory processing. For example, handwriting skills. Sessions are delivered on a 1:1, small or whole group basis.

Speech and Language Therapist (Part Time)

Speech and Language Therapy supports pupils with developing expressive and receptive language and social communication skills. Intervention targets pupil’s with complex needs (e.g. a language disorder) and supports functional communication skills for everyday life e.g. making friendships, accessing the community and understanding vocabulary in lessons. The speech and language therapist works in collaboration with the teachers and sessions are delivered on a 1:1 or small group basis.

Physiotherapist (Clinic offer)

Physiotherapy helps restore movement, increase mobility, balance and motor function. Pupils who experience muscular pain, have problems with their gait and posture access an assessment and recommended advice as part of our half termly physiotherapy clinic.

Psychotherapist (Part Time)

Psychotherapy helps pupils with exploring and understanding their emotions in a safe and therapeutic environment. This may be linked to trauma, bereavement, or difficult relationships. Sessions are delivered on a 1:1 basis and with families.

Therapeutic Services

Therapy at Life Skills Manor School is focused on developing skills required for everyday life and ranges from developing coping strategies to manage emotions to learning how to ride a bike. Therapeutic intervention is delivered through the provision of our model. We work across the school by delivering whole class, small group and individual intervention sessions. Therapy addresses the specific needs of pupils that are highlighted by the teaching team/parents and as specified in EHCP plans.

The model provides a fluid approach to meeting the needs of our pupils. Throughout a pupil’s school life, intervention may be provided at any of the levels, as determined by the need for therapeutic support.

The therapy and education team work closely together and in collaboration to meet the needs of the pupils by reviewing every pupil’s EHCP provision plan and risk assessment once per half term.

Therapy and Intervention Model

Therapy at LSM

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