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Key Features

Life Skills Manor for Autism will create a specialist, language-focussed environment for pupils aged 10-18 that will facilitate better than expected progress academically, therapeutically and socio-behaviourally, preparing pupils for full independent lives.

The school will be distinctive in its offer of:

  • A double-stranded, integrated specialist curriculum (academic and skills based)
  • Skills based lessons that are linked to the operations of the school i.e. food preparation for lunch times, DIY lessons etc.
  • A bespoke whole school Literacy programme embedded within the curriculum
  • Preparation for a broad range of accreditations, certifications and GCSE qualifications that are recognised by employers
  • Personalised intervention programmes to target pupils’ additional needs
  • Sensory integration therapy provided by a school employed therapist.
  • Outreach work and sharing of good practice