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Twighlight Schedule 2023-24

  • Timings: Support Staff 3.00pm - 4.00pm
  • Teachers: 3.00pm - 4.30pm
  • Leaders: 3.00pm - 5.00pm
Term 1 Training
4th Sept 2023 First Aid Basics in an Educational Setting (SSS)
11th Sept 2023 First Aid Basics in an Educational Setting (SSS)
18th Sept 2023 KCSIE 2023
25th Sept 2023 Literacy (Sophie)
2nd Oct 2023 Thrive (Practical)
9th Oct 2023 Eating Disorder (Webinar)
16th Oct 2023 Site Wellbeing
Term 2 Training
30th Oct 2023 Language Disorder (Carolyn)
6th Nov 2023 Higher Order Questioning Teachers (Paul/Sophie)
Behaviour and Attitudes Teaching Assistants (Craig)
13th Nov 2023 Invigilator Training (Communicate-ed)
20th Nov 2023 Invigilator Training (Communicate-ed)
27th Nov 2023 Child Protection – Staff in Regulated Activity Refresher (SSS)
4th Dec 2023 Fire Safety Awareness in an Educational Setting (SSS)
11th Dec 2023 PROACT-SCIPr
Term 3 Training
8th Jan 2024 Phonics (Sophie)
15th Jan 2024 Physio (Georgie) - Hypermobility
22nd Jan 2024 Deep Dive Questioning (Teachers) AR Process (Therapy Team)
29th Jan 2024 Unifrog (External)
5th Feb 2024 Thrive (Kim)
Term 4 Training
19th Feb 2024 GDPR (Staff) OFSTED Prep (SLT)
26th Feb 2024 Cyber Security Training
4th Mar 2024 Child Protection (SSS)
11th Mar 2024 Sensory Processing (Farrah)
18th Mar 2024 E-Safety (SSS)
25th Mar 2024 E-Safety (SSS)
Term 5 Training
15th April 2024 Prevent/Mental Health Training (Changing Minds)
22nd April 2024 KS4 Consultation Afternoon 1:30-3:45
29th April 2024 KS3 Consultation Afternoon 1:30-3:45
13th May 2024 PROACT-SCIPr
20th May 2024 Prevent Duty Refresher (SSS)
Term 6 Training
10th June 2024 Lego Therapy (Kat)
17th June 2024 SMSC (Mickey)
24th June 2024 TBC
1st July 2024 PROACT SCIPr
8th July 2024 TBC
15th July 2024 TBC
22nd July 2024 SLT Updates/Training