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Staffing & Governing Body


Image of Paul Barrett

Paul Barrett


Image of Roger Silk

Roger Silk

Chair of Governors

Image of Mickey Capeling

Mickey Capeling

Deputy Headteacher and Designated Safeguard Lead

Image of Sophie Chidwick

Sophie Chidwick

Assistant Headteacher

Image of Craig Kelly

Craig Kelly

Assistant Headteacher

Image of James Norman

James Norman

Extended Leadership, Teacher and Outdoor Learning Lead

Image of Rachel Beecham

Rachel Beecham

Admin and PA to Head

Image of Tanya Collins

Tanya Collins

Management Information System Administrator

Image of Sally O’Connor

Sally O’Connor

Teacher and Maths Lead

Image of Kat Oliver

Kat Oliver

Teacher and Creative Lead

Image of Jo Shaw

Jo Shaw

Teacher and English Lead

Image of Robert Tye

Robert Tye

Teacher and Computing Lead

Image of Hayley Richley

Hayley Richley

Literacy Lead

Image of Nolan White

Nolan White


Image of Brad Kelly

Brad Kelly

Trainee Teacher

Image of Kim Ochs

Kim Ochs

Pastoral Manager, Mental Health Lead, Thrive Practitioner

Image of Danielle Garrett

Danielle Garrett

Thrive Practitioner

Image of Rob Walker

Rob Walker


Image of Farrah Money

Farrah Money

Occupational Therapist

Image of Carolyn Jeffery

Carolyn Jeffery

Speech and Language Therapist

Image of Lucy Gaughran

Lucy Gaughran

Therapy Assistant

Image of Jon Tyler

Jon Tyler

Cooking Instructor

Image of Sheryl Cunningham

Sheryl Cunningham

Teaching Assistant

Image of Josh Tutton

Josh Tutton

Teaching Assistant

Image of Lydia Elliot

Lydia Elliot

Teaching Assistant

Image of Yvette Merrick

Yvette Merrick

Teaching Assistant

Image of Karen Rogers

Karen Rogers

Teaching Assistant

Image of Siobhan Sansom

Siobhan Sansom

Teaching Assistant

Image of Caitlin Lester

Caitlin Lester

Teaching Assistant

Image of Laurance Sussex

Laurance Sussex

Teaching Assistant

Image of Marie Morris

Marie Morris

Teaching Assistant

Leadership Team – Responsibilities 2024

Paul Barrett - Headteacher
(Leadership & Management)
Mickey Capeling - Deputy Head
(Personal Development)
  • School Finance & Budget
  • HR & Legal
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Strategic Vision
  • School Development Plan
  • School Operational Processes
  • Pupil Admissions/ Consultations meetings
  • SLT Performance & Appraisal Monitoring Staffing Recruitment & Retention
  • DSL /Child Protection
  • School Calendar
  • ICT System Infrastructure
  • Chair SLT Meetings – (Mon)
  • Staff Attendance/ Medical
  • Careers
  • SMSC
  • Staff Cover
  • Multi-Agency Liaison
  • Data and Assessment – Attainment
  • Pupil Attendance/ Reduced Timetables
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Children in Care CIC / PEPs
  • Lead DSL /Child Protection
  • Oversee Pupil Risk Assessments
  • Individual Health Care Plans
  • Family Support and Outreach
  • Work Experience
  • Publicity & Website
  • Grants & Fundraising
  • Assemblies – Main Focus
  • Chair Staff Operational Meetings (Tues)
  • Staff Induction Programme/ SCR
Sophie Chidwick – Assistant Head
(Quality of Education)
Craig Kelly – Assistant Head
(Behaviour, Attitudes & Wellbeing)
  • Curriculum Development & Design
  • Curriculum & Intervention Timetables
  • Qualifications & Examinations
  • Quality Assurance Process & Monitoring
  • Global Studies Lead
  • PSHE & Life Skills Lead
  • Literacy, Reading & Phonics
  • Teaching element – Global studies/ PSHE
  • Initial Teacher Training
  • T&L Interventions
  • Staff Appraisal Process/Probation Periods
  • Capability/ Competency Process
  • Pupil Consultation Reviews – Education Input
  • Staff absence - Return to work interviews
  • School Policies
  • SENCO & Inclusion
  • Therapy & Thrive Lead
  • Social and Emotional Data – Thrive
  • EHCP & Annual Review Process
  • Pupil Case Studies
  • Restorative Justice & Exclusions
  • PE Lead, Sport & Community Links
  • CPD / INSET Training/ Twilight
  • Extended Schools
  • Health & Safety (Risk Assessments)
  • Premises
  • Staff & Student Wellbeing
  • Behaviour & Rewards
  • Physical Intervention Lead
  • House Competition
  • Break & Lunch Rotas
  • Assemblies – Rewards
James Norman – Extended Leadership
Up to 75% Teaching (Inc. Cover Support)
  • Outdoor Learning Lead
  • Quality Assurance & Mentoring
  • ASDAN Lead

Governing Body

Name Category of Governor Role
Paul Barrett Head Teacher Ex-Officio
Roger Silk Appointed by Proprietors Chair of Governors
Personal Development
Attainment and Progress
Headteacher’s Performance
Management and Pay Panel
Lucy Fisk Parent Governor Safeguarding
Debbie Ireland Parent Governor Curriculum
Andrew Lamont Appointed by Chair of Governors and Headteacher Premises
Health and Safety
Melony Verrill Appointed by Chair of Governors and Headteacher Vice-Chair
Dr Dave Wilkes Appointed by Chair of Governors and Headteacher Finance
Management and Pay Panel
TBC Staff – to be elected in Sept 2024
Rachel Beecham Administration and P.A. to the Headteacher Clerk to Governors

Full Governing Body meetings:

  • Thursday 5th October 2023
  • Thursday 7th December 2023
  • Thursday 21st March 2024
  • Thursday 11th July 2024
  • Thursday 25th January 2024
  • Thursday 21st March 2024
  • Thursday 11th July 2024

All at 9:30am - 11:30am


Our Vision - Life Skills Manor


Our Mission - Life Skills Manor

Curriculum Intent

Our Curriculum Intent - Life Skills Manor

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