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School Policies

Name Date Last Updated File Size
Accessibility Disability Policy13/05/202498.06 KB
Admissions Policy (DRAFT)13/05/2024123.64KB
Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy13/05/2024273.41 KB
Assessment Policy13/05/2024254.90KB
Attendance Policy13/05/2024370.76KB
Behaviour Management Policy13/05/2024287.80 KB
Behaviour Support and Anti-Bullying Policy13/05/2024286.51KB
BTEC GCSE POLICY13/05/20241.09MB
Careers Policy13/05/2024114.55KB
CCTV Policy13/05/202475.48KB
Child Friendly Safeguarding Policy13/05/20241.73MB
Complaints Policy13/05/2024127.33KB
Confidentiality Policy13/05/202477.13 KB
Critical Incident Policy13/05/202481.83 KB
Curriculum Policy13/05/2024237.45KB
Data Protection Policy13/05/2024974.69KB
Equality Scheme13/05/2024447.75 KB
Fire Safety Policy13/05/2024158.01 KB
Health and Safety Policy13/05/2024179.21 KB
ICT and Internet Acceptable Use Policy13/05/2024201.45 KB
Infection Control Policy13/05/2024260.91 KB
Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023 - Statutory Guidance for Schools and Colleges12/07/20231.75 MB
Managing Allegation Against Staff Policy13/05/2024136.32 KB
Online Safety Policy13/05/2024156.30KB
Privacy Policy13/05/2024115.50 KB
Relationships & Sex Education Policy13/05/2024196.08 KB
Risk Assessment Policy13/05/2024126.73 KB
Safe Touch Policy13/05/2024148.09 KB
Safeguarding Policy13/05/20244.58MB
SEND Policy13/05/2024138.69 KB
SMSC Policy13/05/2024199.42 KB
Staff Disciplinary & Conduct Policy13/05/2024326.02 KB
Staff Well Being Policy13/05/2024963.89 KB
Teaching and Learning Policy13/05/2024219.08KB
Whistleblowing Policy13/05/202493.62 KB