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School Policies

Name Date Uploaded File Size
LSM Admissions Policy07/10/202107/10/2021149.05 KB
LSM Assessment Policy07/10/202107/10/2021242.44KB
LSM Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy07/10/202107/10/2021273.41 KB
LSM Behaviour Management Policy07/10/202107/10/2021369.43 KB
LSM Child Friendly Safeguarding Policy20/04/202220/04/2022125.93KB
LSM Complaints Policy07/10/202107/10/2021249.98 KB
LSM Curriculum Policy07/10/202107/10/2021445.34 KB
LSM Health and Safety Policy07/10/202107/10/2021179.21 KB
LSM Relationships & Sex Education Policy07/07/202207/07/2022196.08 KB
LSM Staff Disciplinary & Conduct Policy07/10/202107/10/2021326.02 KB
LSM Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy07/10/202107/10/2021459.80 KB
LSM SMSC Policy07/10/202107/10/2021199.42 KB
LSM Teaching and Learning Policy07/10/202107/10/2021219.08KB