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Mock Inspection Summary: July 2023

Inspector: Fatiha Maitland


  • Quality of Education – Good
  • Leadership & Management – Good
  • Personal Development – Outstanding
  • Behaviour, Attitudes & Wellbeing – Outstanding

The overall effectiveness of the school is likely to be good with Outstanding behaviour and attitudes to learn and personal development.

The school provides a welcoming and highly organised learning environment, where pupils fully feel safe and secure to learn and are confident to ask for help. Pupils know that adults are there to help.

Teachers and pupils are very positive about this school. Students describe it as a 'family place'.

Pupils say they are achieving well and are proud to talk about their excellent progress in reading with reference to the current reading levels that they are at.

The curriculum is broad, relevant and sequential. It is very well adapted to meet the abilities, needs and interests of each pupil.

Leaders make sure that therapy support for pupils is given the priority it needs. This includes psycho and speech therapies as well as the provision of fun-food experiences and extra-curricular activities that enhance pupils' learning.

Leaders have created a school where everyone works together to make sure that pupils' confidence and their ability to communicate and to be independent flourish during their time at the school.

Pupils' behaviour and attitudes to learn and personal development are excellent given their starting points. Pupils enjoy school and their behaviour is excellent.

Leaders and teachers support pupils very well to prepare them for their future lives. Pupils receive support on careers and work placements as well as independent travel by public transport and cycling, and personal safety, including first aid.


The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. The school undertakes rigorous vetting checks on all staff to ensure their suitability to work with children.

Staff have received relevant training in safeguarding to keep pupils safe. For example, they are very clear about the different types and signs of abuse and the 'Whistle blowing' strategies. Pupils feel safe and secure.